Thursday, April 14, 2016

Introduction to Uncorked Wellness

I'm excited to get started on this blogging journey.  I have been researching many different natural solutions for health issues for years, and have decided to keep a blog with what I find in order to share with others whenever I find something effective.  

The latest products I've been very impressed with are the Uncorked line of products.  In fact, I am so impressed that I became a representative just shortly after trying them.  This blog will be a place for other product reviews and recommendations, as well as sharing scientific studies and referrals to other health blogs, but I have to admit that what finally motivated me to get started with all this writing is that I am selling Uncorked, so that is what the first post or two will be about.  If for some reason you're not interested in Uncorked, please do check back later.  

So now for the story of how I heard about Uncorked:

We were at a Kingdom Business Association Destiny Weekend at Moravian Falls, North Carolina, and Lance Wallnau was one of the main speakers. He offered samples of Dream to those of us who were having trouble sleeping.  Dream has a special combination of Melatonin plus eight other great sleep-helping supplements that help you get a great night's sleep.  I was sleeping great that night until the fire alarm went off, but even then I noticed that I had no trouble waking up and going downstairs in that situation.  I was impressed that I not only slept well, but then wasn't too groggy to be able to get up quickly when needed.  

The next day, I was able to try the signature product, the Uncorked powder that you mix with liquid to make a great healthy energy drink.   I had great energy for the rest of the conference, even being able to hang in there and pay attention while sitting still for hours at a time after having that same fire alarm go off two nights in a row in the middle of the night.  We ordered our first batch of products not long after we got home, and I am finding that Uncorked works more effectively than other energy-boosting supplements I have tried. It has a blend of superfruits that are packed with antioxidants, as well as 3 kinds of ginseng and some green coffee bean.  I have taken several of the individual elements before, but not this high of a quality and not all together in this unique blend.  This is the most effective thing I have found for energy, and I will be blogging more about how I've had thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, and some degree of chronic fatigue, so as you can imagine, I've tried a lot of different supplements.  I also have greatly reduced sugar cravings.  It seems to be somewhat of an appetite suppressant for me personally.  I have started losing weight already, at least 5 pounds at this point, and that is not something that has come easy for me in years, and I've tried almost every supplement out there.  With the greater energy, I am being more active, and that helps too.  My fitbit is happier with me these days, for sure. 

There are other great products as well.  I'll write more in the future about the Revive multivitamin with probiotics, Enerlean (for energy and to fight fat), and Detox.  And I can't say enough about the company itself.  This is a great group of people.  They donate a portion of profits to help fight human trafficking, use disabled workers and veterans to help with the products, and it’s all made in America, no GMO, all natural, etc. 

You can read more about the products at my website at, and you can even order a sample pack of all the products for $10 (plus shipping) and give them a try for yourself.  Or you can hit me up for a free sample when you see me, as I usually have some with me.   

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  1. Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog as I was doing some research on UNCORKED. I've been recently introduced to this company and products...I'm currently trying g the samples, and plan to make a decision soon about becoming a rep. Like u, I have tried many things.. I have many health issues as a result from five back surgeries and was injured during one of those surgeries so I have a progressive spinal chord disease now. Also had breast cancer twice so I'm suffering from long-te effects of all the treatment. So I've tried so many products just trying. To feel better and have more energy. My most recent product was KETONES. Have u tried that? Ketones were the best of all I tried, but then it just kinda stopped working as it is so very expensive that my people couldn't afford it so I ended trying to give them a good deal and long story short, I went from making $2000 my first couple months to making zero and even losing. Anyway, I like your blog site...I'm kinda wondering if I should do a blog also. Is it helpful? Im looking forward to hearing about the OTHER products you've tried. Would love to stay in touch with you. I will look u up on facebook and msg u and u can do the FB name is "Tisha Charles Ziemer".